Saturday, November 3, 2007

12 minutes and 51 seconds...

This morning I decided that I needed new running shoes (I bought my current runners 2 years ago) so I went shopping and after much frustration (I hate shoe shopping) I settled on a pair of Brooks Dyad 4’s. This afternoon I went for a 2nd run to ‘try them out’.
My last couple of runs I have been really close!! Well, guess what… I got under 13 minutes! WOOHOO! I picked up the pace overall and made it with 9 seconds to spare. *phew*!

Distance: 2.4km
Time: 12 minutes and 51 seconds
Stops: None
HR at finish: 108bpm

Now I plan on increasing the distance (e.g. 2 of my 2.4km laps) and speed. YAY!!!!!!! By the time I have to do this test (some time next year if I get in) I should be able to do it well under the 13 minutes!

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