Sunday, October 21, 2007

Me? Play football??

I was lucky enough to be asked by The Boy's work to fill in for their mixed touch football team - they were short a few girls for this big competition. Now, I hate football. I don't understand the game, I have only been to one football game in my life and I have absolutely no idea about the rules. But I said yes (something that I was regretting at 8 o'clock this morning).

We rocked up and I got educated about the rules of football so that I knew enough to actually play the game without looking like a fool, and was then thrown into the deep end! We ended up playing 4 games and to my surprise I actually ended up enjoying myself! I didn't score any tries, but I did what I was told and by the end of it I knew (sort of) what I was doing! It reminded me of how much I enjoyed playing team sports when I was younger, and now I want to start playing again! I don't care what it is - I'll even join a touch footy comp!

Oh, I guess I should mention that we won 1 and lost 3. Oh well. No injuries, so that makes up for a lot!

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