Saturday, September 1, 2007


This morning was the first day of Boot Camp!! It started at 0800 hours with us collecting our dog tags with our new names for the next 5 weeks. From then on, I was to be known as 'Watch Dog'! After carrying a whole bunch of equipment to the park including a few 2x4's, we started off with a nice warm-up jog (at this point some people were already piking out!!). We did a lot of running, push ups, and various activities which all added up to a very good workout. Our team also won the final challenge which was great! Surprisingly, I didn't feel completely pushed today so I am certainly a lot fitter than I thought I was! But who knows what is going to happen during the next 4 sessions... Our trainer, err... Sergeant is going to start cranking the dial no doubt!

Meanwhile, my knee hurts now from alternating between dropping prone onto the ground and standing really quickly. I think I'll skip that part next time and just run instead.

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