Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the results are in!

So after about 5 minutes of The Boy examining the extremely small print and thousands of other names of people who finished the City2Surf around the same time as me, we finally found my finishing time!!

I did it in about 112 minutes once you take into consideration the time I was just standing still when the HSBC group's horn went off and the time that it took for me to actually get to the starting line!! I'm quite happy with that - I was aiming for around 100 minutes and I did it!! If only I had run a little faster, or a little more consistently and I might have been able to run in the 2nd 'fast' group next year! Maybe next time I'll get there.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I made it!!

So I ran the City2Surf today!! I can't believe how many people were there!! 65000 people!!!!! It made it hard to run with so many people around!! It was like dodgem-running!! Mostly because there were *so* many people walking even from the beginning... It was kind of fun, but I would imagine if you were taking it seriously it would piss you off! My goal was to run the first 6km, which didn't really end up happening because of all the people and I wasn't feeling the best. I walked all of heartbreak hill, but then ran most of the way from the 10km mark. I'm happy with how I went, particularly as I have never run 14km in my life before and was pretty close to the 100-minute mark! All things considered (particularly the 5 minute crawl to get to the starting line after the horn had gone off!!), I think I did it in 110-minutes. We'll see what my "official" result is on Tuesday. In terms of injuries -- my right knee is a little sore (I think from the downhill running) and my legs are a little tender!!

Meanwhile, I now have my sights on doing the Sydney Half Marathon early next year... If you can do 14km, then 21km isn't too much further!!!!!!