Monday, July 30, 2007


So I started training again yesterday (I've been a touch [read: very] lazy for the past 3 weeks!!). I just realised that the City2Surf is on in only 2 weeks!! I had no idea that it was that close! So to start training again I decided (stupidly) to go for a 45 minute run! Let me just say that this is a BAD idea if you haven't done much running for a while!! I felt pretty good after the run, but this morning woke up with incredibly sore hip flexors and have had difficulty walking today (particularly when getting up after sitting for extended periods). So I took today off training to recover but am going to get right back into it tomorrow.

My goal for the City2Surf 2007 is to run the entire way until Heartbreak Hill (which is at the half-way point), then walk up that hill, then run the rest of the way. Unfortunately my legs don't cope well with stopping and starting so I may even try and run up the hill because if I run without stopping I can run for as long as I want, but if I stop I really struggle to keep going no matter how much I stretch my calves.

So I have 12 days of training to go...

Meanwhile, I am also thinking of starting triathlon one day to combine my love of the three sports. I think adventure racing (mtn bike, kayak, run) would be fun too. The idea of training for all three of those sports though is mind boggling! I think I'll stick with cycling and running for the moment.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I mentioned a few posts back, I was going to re-do the beep test today. The highest I had scored so far was 4.5 which is absolutely abismal!! I've been training quite hard to get 6.5. To be honest, I think the highest I've ever scored (even at my fittest as a teenager) was in the 5's, so I've been VERY worried that I would never get there.

But, today -- I DID IT! 6.5 on the dot. I could not run any further and my lungs are still burning, but I got there!!! It was a really weird feeling while I was running knowing that I was beating my old score and not feeling exausted yet!! So it looks like all this training is paying off and I am really starting to see results!! At the very least it is certainly good motivation to keep going with my training.