Thursday, June 28, 2007


Tonight I ran for 16 minutes non-stop. That is the longest since I started training in March.

When I started running 3 months ago, I could only run for approximately 45 seconds before feeling like my lungs were going to cease functioning! I scored 3.3 on the beep test the first time I did it (immediately after however, I repeated it and scored 4.3).
Since then I haven't really tested myself on the beep test (scheduled for Saturday), but I have been working on running for longer and longer with interval training, only gradually upgrading approximately 30 seconds for each interval, weekly. But tonight, I decided to run as long as I could before my heart rate went up too high (otherwise I felt really good!). 16 minutes!! Although it's nowhere near my 8km/day runs I used to do, it is certainly an improvement on my 45 seconds ending in a collapse!

I'm thinking about doing the City 2 Surf in August now!! It's only 14km - it's doable!!

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