Thursday, June 14, 2007

Initial Fitness Test Results

As promised, here are my initial fitness test results from 9 June 2007. 

Weight: 80kg
Height: 183cm (6ft)
% Body fat: 37 (from memory - seems a little high!!!)

Aerobic Fitness Test
Test Protocol: Treadmill Bruce
Max MET: 7.1
Peak HR: 167
Peak Spd: 6km/h
Peak incline: 12%
Peak RPE: 14

ie. I'm really crap! Well, it actually shows that my VO2 max is "good" (when I run the beep test I get "poor"). My heart rate shoots up very quickly (too quickly!), however on a positive note it also comes back down quite fast too, which is probably a result of my interval training!! So they have recommended that I do continuous exercise at a high heart rate (155-165bpm) to increase my VO2 max instead of interval training.

We will be ending the competition in approximately 3 months, so I will be repeating my results then. We also did situps, pushups and squats, however I was not given my results of that.

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