Thursday, June 28, 2007


Tonight I ran for 16 minutes non-stop. That is the longest since I started training in March.

When I started running 3 months ago, I could only run for approximately 45 seconds before feeling like my lungs were going to cease functioning! I scored 3.3 on the beep test the first time I did it (immediately after however, I repeated it and scored 4.3).
Since then I haven't really tested myself on the beep test (scheduled for Saturday), but I have been working on running for longer and longer with interval training, only gradually upgrading approximately 30 seconds for each interval, weekly. But tonight, I decided to run as long as I could before my heart rate went up too high (otherwise I felt really good!). 16 minutes!! Although it's nowhere near my 8km/day runs I used to do, it is certainly an improvement on my 45 seconds ending in a collapse!

I'm thinking about doing the City 2 Surf in August now!! It's only 14km - it's doable!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Initial Fitness Test Results

As promised, here are my initial fitness test results from 9 June 2007. 

Weight: 80kg
Height: 183cm (6ft)
% Body fat: 37 (from memory - seems a little high!!!)

Aerobic Fitness Test
Test Protocol: Treadmill Bruce
Max MET: 7.1
Peak HR: 167
Peak Spd: 6km/h
Peak incline: 12%
Peak RPE: 14

ie. I'm really crap! Well, it actually shows that my VO2 max is "good" (when I run the beep test I get "poor"). My heart rate shoots up very quickly (too quickly!), however on a positive note it also comes back down quite fast too, which is probably a result of my interval training!! So they have recommended that I do continuous exercise at a high heart rate (155-165bpm) to increase my VO2 max instead of interval training.

We will be ending the competition in approximately 3 months, so I will be repeating my results then. We also did situps, pushups and squats, however I was not given my results of that.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fitness testing

Yesterday a group of people I know (including myself) got fitness tested, to commence our "Biggest Loser" competition. We're all part of a volunteer first aid company, and had decided that some of us needed to lose weight. I personally don't want to lose weight, but thought I could give some support by helping with numbers and being there during the challenges and training. Plus, it would mean that I would get free fitness testing!!

It was quite funny actually - most of the people there do no form of exercise at all. It was kind of like watching Nerds FC but without the nerd component!! Nah, I'm just teasing. I actually feel really sorry for them because if I am this sore today and I exercise 6 days per week, imagine how sore THEY might be!!! Anyway we are getting our results emailed to us soon, and I will post them up (they are probably really embarassing for the amount of exercise I do! I am still very unfit!!).

On a side note, you can tell where my focus lies when I am waiting for GAMSAT/Interview/Offers... Better this than sitting on my butt doing nothing!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

What a workout!

(borrowed from here)

So last night I decided to book myself in for my first free personal training session at the gym. I thought, Why not, I may as well get someone to give me feedback on what I'm doing. So, tonight I met with my trainer, and boy did he give me a workout!! Turns out I am doing the right thing, but he pushed me that little bit further that I haven't been doing on my own and I feel great! Mind you, it was totally painful at the time, but I feel good now that the pain has worn off!! Instead of my walk/run interval training he has upgraded me to run/run but with high vs low intensities. Then we hit the weights and I really killed myself! My legs were wobbling like jelly in an earthquake and I pushed when I didn't think I had any more to give!! In just one hour I felt like I did more than when I do 2 1/2 hours on my own. It was definitely well worth it! He also made me realise my weaknesses and the muscles I really need to strengthen up.

I used to think that I wouldn't like having a personal trainer, but tonight was much more than what I expected. He was really informative and supportive and seemed to know exactly what he was doing!! He also knew just the right moment to push me when I was about to quit! It was fantastic! I think I'll continue on with the workout he gave me but book in to see him once a month so that he can yell at me some more and keep me on track! haha