Friday, May 11, 2007

Game on!

I realised I hadn't blogged much about my fitness goals lately, so I guess I should give a bit of an update. I'm up to week 3 of my new fitness program and have mostly stuck to what I planned (impressed?!). There was one week there where I didn't really have any time to run because I was getting home in the dark, but this week I have made a concerted effort to leave work on time despite how much work I still have to do! I also bought some 5kg weights last night because my usual 2.5kg weights are getting too light! The 5kg weights actually make me feel as though I'm doing something now! I'm at the point now when I can do 20+ pushups non-stop and 50+ situps non-stop, and I am certainly seeing the results! No more tuck-shop-lady arms for me! They're getting buff! I haven't repeated the beep test yet, but I did try and run for as long as I could on Monday and ended up running for about 12 minutes straight! I know, still not fantastic, but it's better than the 2 minutes I started out with!!!!

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