Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ohhhh the pain!!!!!

Tonight I decided to do something different at the gym and take a class and oh my gosh I am soooo sore!!!! I did BodyPUMP which is basically a class with bar weights. And boy do they know how to make you work your butt off (literally!!) in the space of one hour!! I really enjoyed it! It took a little getting used to (was a bit slow in knowing what was going on!!), but I'm sure that will improve with practice. But boy are my arms sore!! I can hardly lift my arms above my head without feeling as though they're going to stop functioning at any second!!! At least I came away feeling like I'd had a really good workout!!!

I'm not usually much of a class type person, but maybe I'll try another one soon just for some variety. I'm definitely going to start doing spin classes though, but I think I need to increase my fitness some more before I decide to do that!!!!

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