Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm so...

I have been running my butt off for the past few weeks, going for at least 3 runs/week. Today I decided to re-do the beep test to see how much I have improved. And well.. *cough*... I only got 4.0!! Let's compare this to my last result in end of March which was 4.6!!! I SUCK! I suck so badly!!!!!!! Oh well, I can at least feel the difference when I'm running - I don't feel like I'm hyperventilating or going to die after a few minutes!! But it looks like I might need to have a rethink about how I am training. Or, maybe I am just a crap cardiovascular person and it will take me forever.

Meanwhile, my muscles have grown through the roof in a very small amount of time! Maybe I'm more suited to being a muscle woman rather than a runner!! I can do an arm hang for 16 seconds, and do 20+ pushups in one go! I can do over 50 situps too (I stop at 50 because of boredum, not sore abs!)

Oh well - I guess I'll just have to keep on working on the running... Anything to distract from the imminent arrival of the you-know-whats next week!

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