Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ohhhh the pain!!!!!

Tonight I decided to do something different at the gym and take a class and oh my gosh I am soooo sore!!!! I did BodyPUMP which is basically a class with bar weights. And boy do they know how to make you work your butt off (literally!!) in the space of one hour!! I really enjoyed it! It took a little getting used to (was a bit slow in knowing what was going on!!), but I'm sure that will improve with practice. But boy are my arms sore!! I can hardly lift my arms above my head without feeling as though they're going to stop functioning at any second!!! At least I came away feeling like I'd had a really good workout!!!

I'm not usually much of a class type person, but maybe I'll try another one soon just for some variety. I'm definitely going to start doing spin classes though, but I think I need to increase my fitness some more before I decide to do that!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Problem solved!

As you know I've been struggling to keep up with my exercise program now that it's become darker earlier in that I just don't have time now to do a proper run. For the last week or so I've been trying to work out what I can do instead - like get up earlier (can't because it's pitch black already when I wake up!) or join a gym!

So I called around to a couple of gyms in the area to find out prices, and I was suprised how reasonable they were! I found a free 7-day pass on the internet for my chosen gym, so I went tonight to see what it was like. I ended up being there for just under 2 hours doing constant exercise!!! I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! Of course it's not as good as running in the outdoors, but it's certainly more flexible and has many different machines to work out on.

So - the verdict? I'm joining a gym! I also get a personal trainer every 6 weeks to monitor how I am going! Hopefully that will point me in the right direction!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm so...

I have been running my butt off for the past few weeks, going for at least 3 runs/week. Today I decided to re-do the beep test to see how much I have improved. And well.. *cough*... I only got 4.0!! Let's compare this to my last result in end of March which was 4.6!!! I SUCK! I suck so badly!!!!!!! Oh well, I can at least feel the difference when I'm running - I don't feel like I'm hyperventilating or going to die after a few minutes!! But it looks like I might need to have a rethink about how I am training. Or, maybe I am just a crap cardiovascular person and it will take me forever.

Meanwhile, my muscles have grown through the roof in a very small amount of time! Maybe I'm more suited to being a muscle woman rather than a runner!! I can do an arm hang for 16 seconds, and do 20+ pushups in one go! I can do over 50 situps too (I stop at 50 because of boredum, not sore abs!)

Oh well - I guess I'll just have to keep on working on the running... Anything to distract from the imminent arrival of the you-know-whats next week!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Game on!

I realised I hadn't blogged much about my fitness goals lately, so I guess I should give a bit of an update. I'm up to week 3 of my new fitness program and have mostly stuck to what I planned (impressed?!). There was one week there where I didn't really have any time to run because I was getting home in the dark, but this week I have made a concerted effort to leave work on time despite how much work I still have to do! I also bought some 5kg weights last night because my usual 2.5kg weights are getting too light! The 5kg weights actually make me feel as though I'm doing something now! I'm at the point now when I can do 20+ pushups non-stop and 50+ situps non-stop, and I am certainly seeing the results! No more tuck-shop-lady arms for me! They're getting buff! I haven't repeated the beep test yet, but I did try and run for as long as I could on Monday and ended up running for about 12 minutes straight! I know, still not fantastic, but it's better than the 2 minutes I started out with!!!!